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Your Online Business Needs Tailwind

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Now, I could go on for days on why Tailwind is one of the best things to happen to Pinterest since the days of BoardBooster (RIP), but that would take forever, so I’ve distilled it to my top-three favorite things about the program.

Through Tailwind, I have been able to grow my Pinterest account to over 100,000 monthly views, making it a consistent traffic driver to my website. Driving traffic is key to growth, and allows me to get my content and myself out to a larger audience without having to pay for ads (though, there are benefits to paid ads too, which you can check out in this post).

First of all, for those of you who don’t know, Tailwind is an approved scheduling partner for both Tailwind and Instagram. For the purpose of this post, I will be focusing on the benefits for Pinterest, but know that most of the same features apply to Instagram.

With Tailwind, you are able to maximize your promotional efforts and expand your reach much faster than with manual pinning alone. Tailwind does not completely replace manual pinning, but it’s a great way to supplement your efforts and allows you to go from spending hours a day on Pinterest, to just a few hours a week.

You can get Tailwind Plus for just $9.99/month (billed annually), or $15/month (billed monthly). Click here to get a free month of Tailwind and see what it’s all about.

Your Business Needs Tailwind: What You Get With Plus

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Before I dive into the benefits, here is what you get with Tailwind Plus:

You get access to Tailwind’s Smart Scheduler—which, in my opinion, is worth the cost by itself. What it means, is that Tailwind knows when your audience is most active, and schedules your pins to go out during those most active times. If you can only pin in the evenings, but your audience is active in the mornings, Tailwind takes care of making sure that those pins you schedule go out at the right times.

Tailwind also identifies your best performing content, and makes it easy for you to re-pin that content back to your relevant, best-performing boards.

With the annual plan, you can schedule unlimited pins, meaning you can take an entire day and get your pins scheduled out for months, even a year. Note: for those of you who choose the $15/monthly plan instead of annual billing, you’re limited to 400 pins. For just about $120 a year, you can schedule all the pins you want, which really makes the annual-billing option worth it.

You also get access to 5 Tribe Memberships, 30 monthly Tribe submissions, and 250 active SmartLoop Posts. You can also add on Power-Ups to get more, but if you want to keep your costs down, you can wait to invest in those until you’ve grown more.

And now, for the top-three benefits to Tailwind.

Your Business Needs Tailwind: Helps You Get Your Account Organized

When using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website, it’s critical that your account be organized. It means having boards with SEO-friendly titles, making sure you have detailed, keyword-heavy descriptions, and that you’re pinning to your boards regularly.

When you first join Tailwind, it analyzes your account to make sure you have your ducks in a row. Even if you’ve had your Pinterest account for a while, it’s great to look over Tailwind’s recommendations, to ensure that you’re really packing a punch with your content.

As it says on the website:

The most successful brands on Pinterest take advantage of every opportunity the platform provides. We recommend you follow these steps to make the most of your account.

Now, if you want to make an impact in your business, don’t you also want to ensure that you’re going to take every advantage possible? Take every advantage, and especially the ones that are basically handed to you.

Your Business Needs Tailwind: Allows You To Take The Pressure Of Pinning

This is the kicker.

Especially when you’re starting out, it can take time to grow your Pinterest account to the point where it’s driving consistent traffic to your website. It can feel like all you’re doing with your very valuable time is getting on Pinterest and pinning until your head spins.

That’s where Tailwind comes in.

As I mentioned above, Tailwind analyzes your Pinterest account, along with thousands of other Pinterest accounts within your niche to determine the times your audience is active on the platform. For my account, it has determined that afternoons and evenings are my audience’s most active times, so that’s where all my time slots are. No mornings for me.

But back when I was still at my 9-5 job, mornings were some of the only times of day where I had time to pin. Fortunately, with Tailwind’s scheduler, I can save all the pins that I want to go out, and Tailwind takes care of actually pinning them to my boards at the best times.

It means that, especially with my own content, my audience is most likely to see what content I have to offer, rather than me just hoping. Because Pinterest use is so fast-paced, thanks to mobile scrolling, this allows me the best opportunity to share my content and actually have it be seen.

That said, you shouldn’t just use Tailwind alone. Pinterest can tell when you’re sharing on the platform itself, or if you’re sharing through a scheduler like Tailwind, so you want to make sure you’re doing both. The algorithm can be so finicky, that you want to do everything you can to maximize your efforts.

Here’s a tip: when you have a brand new pin, make sure you create it in Pinterest first, before sharing it over in Tailwind. All your new pins and new content should be going directly to Pinterest, and then you can take care of disseminating the rest of it through Tailwind.

Your Business Needs Tailwind: High Quality Content In Tailwind Tribes

When it comes to scheduling your pins to Tailwind, there are two ways to do it. The first, is to use the Tailwind extension to schedule pins direct from your Pinterest SmartFeed.

But here’s a little bit of an issue with that:

Not all pins on Pinterest actually go to the content it says it’s going to go to.

Sometimes links die, sometimes they get re-routed to other websites, or sometimes they’re straight-up stolen by other websites.

Now, you can always open every single pin and make sure it goes to the website it looks like it’s going to, but that’s incredibly, painfully time consuming, and no one should do that. In fact, don’t do that.

Instead, the best way to avoid bad pins is to join Tailwind Tribes.

With the basic plan, you get free access to five Tailwind Tribes of your choice, and the best tribes to join are tribes in your same niche. You want to find active Tribes with a high re-pin rate for best results.

Tribes are comprised of peoples’ best content, straight from their own websites, so you are far less likely to encounter a stolen pin or a pin that’s redirected somewhere you don’t want to go, or even a pin that’s dead, but the image has gone viral (which happens a LOT on Pinterest).

And with the Plus plan, you get 30 pins per month to share to your Tribes, which can go a long way to getting yourself out there and getting your content seen.

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