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How I Earned $84.08 In Passive Income In September 2019

Oh September, what a month you were.

Not going to lie, but I’m kind of glad it’s over

From a life standpoint, September was a pretty good month.

But from a business standpoint, getting into the groove of working was more than a little tough.

Also but—at the same time, I posted my highest passive-income earnings since what I posted in the May 2019 Income Report.

So, that’s awesome!

More on that below…

September 2019 Income Report: How I Earned $84.04 In Passive Income In September

Digital Products:

Content Explosion Accelerator – $74.77: Once again, I made the bulk of my August earnings through the sale of the Content Explosion Accelerator workbook, which is the companion to my free, 5-day Content Explosion email course. The Accelerator takes the content in the course and packages it all together so you get access to all the information at once, along with a guided deep dive into determining your niche and identifying your ideal client.

I’ve said a lot over the last few months how beneficial it is to have a digital product of your own, because you bring in more profit, compared to affiliate marketing or ads. Not only that, but when it’s your digital product, you get the money from it immediately, rather than waiting out whatever payout period you have in other methods.

Click here to join Content Explosion and get a special discount on the Content Explosion Accelerator.

Other Digital Products – $7.49: Not going to lie, I totally forgot this one until I got the notification for it. Back when I was focusing me efforts on my writing website,, I created a couple of ebooks, and last month, someone who stumbled upon the website, bought one!


Google Adsense: $1.82: Made a little bit in ads last month, which is partially from the traffic I have on this website, and also from the traffic I get on, my old writing prompts website. As always, ads are just something I have set and forgotten, and are not high on my priority list at the moment.

Whether I continue with ads in the future is something I continue to debate, but right now it’s nowhere near a priority to deal with.

September 2019 Income Report: My Quarter 4 Priority

I love a new quarter!

And not only that, but I have made the decision that Quarter 4 of 2019 is going to be my best quarter ever!

In fact, it’s a non-negotiable.

It’s going to be the best quarter ever, and that’s my only option.

In order to make Quarter 4 of 2019 my best quarter ever, I have decided to double down on focusing on the passive income side of my business, which as you know from the last few months of income reports, is not something I have focused a lot on.

So, I am going back to focusing on the strategies that I can put in place that will allow me to bring in at minimum, 4-figures in passive income, every single month.

One of my affirmations that I love to use (in fact, I have a post-it with it hanging above my desk), is SUCCESS IS MY ONLY OPTION, and I know that when I take inspired action toward my goals, I am successful.

So, here’s to a very successful, and very lucrative fourth quarter of 2019!

September 2019 Income Report: My October Goals

Now, as I’ve broken down my Quarter 4 of 2019 goals above, it’s time to dive into the October goals!

My number one goal for October is to create another passive income product that I can get up and running and launch at the beginning of November—so, more to come on that end.

I also have availability to take on a select number of driven, passionate entrepreneurs to help establish their content plans and grow their businesses, on a 1-1 basis. If you think that’s you, then you should definitely book a free, 30-minute Online Business Vision call, where we will discuss your business and where it is right now, along with where you ultimately want it to be.

My third October goal is to really focus on just how much time I spend working, versus how much time I spend screwing around on my laptop,. It’s important to keep track of that, so you know just how productive you are on a daily basis, and see which ways you can be even more productive, and grow your business even faster.

Because all it takes is effort. Consistent, driven effort.

September 2019 Income Report: Don’t Be Afraid To Sell

Here’s something I’ve been seeing a LOT lately.

Online business owners who are afraid to actually sell. They look at their audience, and are reluctant to say, “Hey y’all, glad you’re enjoying the free value I provide, I also have this even more valuable content, which you can pay X-amount for.”

And that’s a problem.

You have to remember that first and foremost, this is a business. And the point of a business is to make money. Yes, you get to give massive amounts of free value, but you have to remember that you get to sell to your audience too. You GET to sell to them.

If they’re in your audience, you get to sell to them.

If you sell to them and they leave your audience? That’s fine, because they were never going to buy from you anyway.

If you sell to them and they don’t buy? That’s okay too. No amount of marketing you every do is wasted marketing. Sometimes people need more time. Sometimes, you can have a person be in your audience for over a year before they decide it’s time to invest in your products.

That’s normal.

But don’t be afraid to sell to them either way.

Create those products, offer those services, promote those exclusive webinars and masterclasses, write that ebook. And don’t be afraid to attach premium prices to those offerings.

Because if you’re not making money, and you’re not making consistent money, then you don’t actually have a business.

September 2019 Income Report: One Of My Dreams Came True In Vegas

Shoutout to Julie and Richard from the Peter Lik gallery located in the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas, because they made one of my dreams come true.

Because they sold me some art. Some beautiful, gorgeous art that I have no idea where I’m going to hang/place (more on that in a second) in my condo.

I first discovered Peter Lik, who is a world famous photographer, in 2008 when I was walking through the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace with my aunt, who took me to Las Vegas to celebrate my 18th birthday. And I absolutely was stunned by his work. I followed him on and off ever since, and am just obsessed with every new photo he publishes.

A few years ago, Lik released a magnum opus of his work so far, called the Equation of Time. This book is massive, and weighs just about as much as I do, and I have been dying to own it since it came out.

And when I went to Vegas in September, I knew I had to go to one of his galleries, just to see his work in person for the first time in a couple years.

Not only did they have some of my favorite prints hanging in the gallery (aka ALL OF THEM), but they also had a copy of Equation of Time, which the absolutely lovely folks working at the gallery allowed me to page through. When I told them that I was dying to own it, they gave me the somewhat disheartening news that not only were there only 90 copies left, but they were not planning on doing another run.

So I was going to have to figure out how to get my hands on a copy—and fast.

Julie and Richard also showed me Lik’s newest work, fresh from the printer, pretty much, called Heavenly Gate. And it’s gorgeous, and really, the pictures online hardly do it justice.

I own a copy now.

And when it arrives, it also comes with…a copy of Equation of Time.

September 2019 Income Report: Strategic Sales & Just Making It Happen (Shoutout To Julie & Richard)

The thing about Lik’s work, is that when you buy one of his pieces, you also get a gift. Depending on what you buy and when, it can vary.

So, when Richard told me that there was a chance I could get a copy of Equation of Time as my gift for purchasing Heavenly Gate, I was almost convinced.

I’m not going to lie, Lik’s works don’t come cheap. And they don’t come cheap for a reason.

But as I was paging through Equation of Time, Richard made a great point—I was going to kick myself if I didn’t do this. The offer was just too good to pass up.

Especially when they brought up the fact that they have financing options.

See, not only did I really want to get my hands on a copy of both Heavenly Gate AND Equation of Time, but they wanted to sell it to me. Yes, they want to sell, because that’s how they make money, but they know that work like Lik’s makes people—read: art nerds like me—happy, and they wanted to find a way that would make me happy, and also not make me unable to pay my rent.

They worked out a way that made it possible for me to own one of Lik’s pieces, and the book I’ve been dreaming about, and an exclusive pack of four more pictures that he also took on that same trip to Japan.

And the best part, was the little visualization trick Julie did with me while I was paging through of Equation of Time.

Julie asked me a very simple question, “Where at home would you put the book and the picture?”

That got me thinking about exactly that. Where would I put the picture, and where would I put this massive freaking book? And I thought about it. I looked at Heavenly Gate and imagined it on some of the walls in my bedroom and my den-slash-living room, and I looked at Equation of Time and imagined it on my dining room table—because I don’t actually use it for dining.

And then Richard and Julie told me about the financing.

So, the combination of scarcity (less than 90 copies left of Equation of Time), plus preferred pricing AND financing on Heavenly Gate with Equation of Time and the four-pack as a gift, and me seeing exactly where I can put all that stuff in my own home—

Well, it makes for an easy yes from me.

Richard and Julie are pros when it comes to making high and very-high ticket sales in the art world, and the story about how they were able to help me make one of my dreams come true—I’m in my 20s and I own really fancy art—is something that you can apply to your own business, and how you structure your sales conversations, be it a product that you know your audience needs, a service you know your client needs, or whatever it is that you provide.

September 2019 Income Report: Celebrating 150 Episodes of 10 Minutes Before Dinner

We have had some awesome episodes of 10 Minutes Before Dinner lately, including Episode 150!

I never imagined when I started this little go-live-on-a-consistent-basis experiment would ever turn into one of my favorite parts of my business.

In Episode 150, I talked about five of the many reasons why I started my online business, because your why is going to be one of the best and most critical driving forces toward your success.

When you think about why you want to do something, you go into actually doing it with a lot more intent than something like, “Hey, this would be cool to do.”

Having something concrete that you’re going after—like owning art from your favorite photographer, to traveling the world, to even just having the financial freedom to splurge on a nice pair of shoes more than once or twice a year—makes for an amazing driver toward you actually getting what you want.

But here’s the thing.

In order to actually get what you want, you have to take action to get there.

So, what is one thing you want your online business to do for you, and what are you willing to do to make it happen? Let me know in the comments!

And don’t forget to join my free community, Consistent Content Creators, where I now host 10 Minutes Before Dinner. CCC is a place for online business owners to collaborate, network, and most of all, stay accountable toward your online business goals.

September 2019 Income Report: What I Posted In September 2019

I published four pretty awesome posts in September of 2019, and got myself back into the consistency of posting once per week. I know I won’t be posting weekly in October, but posting between 3-4 times per month is one of my content creation priorities every month.

The September posts include:
August 2019 Income Report
9 Reasons Your Business Needs Live Video Content
11 Ways To Accelerate Your Online Business Growth
16 Must-Haves For The Digital Nomad

I think the digital nomad post was my favorite from the last month, especially because of how much traveling I get to do, now that I run my business full-time, and don’t have to worry about taking PTO from work to travel.

If I want to go out of town for the week, I just take my computer with me, and bam, instant office wherever I choose.

And nine times out of 10, the office has a much better view than ANY office at any of my previous day jobs.

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