Content Explosion Accelerator workbook

Find clarity. Get organized. Refine your content plan.

Your Niche

Are you ready to stand out and make an epic impact with your side hustle? One of the first things you must is narrow down your niche.

And before we start, let me clear up one HUGE misconception that stops many new side hustlers in their tracks:

You do NOT have to be an EXPERT.
Yes, you read that correctly. You do
NOT have to be an expert to have a successful side hustle or online business.

All you need is to know just a little more than someone else.

In fact, people often don’t WANT to go to the expert. Why not? Experts can be intimidating. For example, you can still have a TON to offer in the personal development world without being Tony Robbins. If everyone in the personal development sphere waited until they were as knowledgeable as Tony Robbins, we wouldn’t have such a rich world of personal development coaches to choose from.

All you need is to know a little bit more than someone else.

A Content Explosion Deep Dive

In this 50+ page workbook, you will get to: 

  • Narrow your niche so you can stand out and make the most impact on your audience.
  • Get ultimate clarity on your ideal client.
  • Learn how to speak your ideal client’s language, and really connect with the things that keep them up at night.
  • Break your content out into categories that make for more productive brainstorming sessions.
  • Fill out a content calendar that meets your side hustle’s needs.
  • Bonus #1: Learn the foundations of a better blog post.
  • Bonus #2: Get the rundown of my favorite opt-ins, so you can grow your email list and build your platform even faster.

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Find clarity. Get organized. Refine your content plan.

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