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Why Rich 20Something Is A Must-Read

If Rich 20Something by Daniel DiPiazza is not on your list of books to read, stop what you’re doing, add it to your list. Right now. Add it to the very top.

First of all, I devoured this book during one of the busiest weeks of my year so far (read about it here). I have not read a book from cover to cover in less than 48 hours since…reading the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series when I was in high school?

I think?

As you can imagine, it’s been a while. And it’s not like this is a short book. It’s detailed and dense (but easy to understand), and full of SO much great content.

Rich 20Something: About The Book

Rich 20Something is Daniel DiPiazza’s chronicle of going from overworked and underpaid to freelancing (and realizing he was kind of getting screwed) to starting not one, but three successful businesses of his own. He left the paycheck to paycheck cycle and lives his life on his own terms, no longer beholden to his 9-5 schedule. It is the goal that all side hustlers aspire to reach. I know I do.

DiPiazza, like other successful entrepreneurs, busts the many myths we’re taught about business, moneymaking, and wealth. He writes about goal-setting and focus and how to really get down and get things done. Work smarter, not harder.

And this isn’t just DiPiazza’s story. Along with his lessons, DiPiazza showcases the stories of other mindset driven entrepreneurs. It’s a pointed reminder that he’s not just talking out of his backside, all wrapped up to make him feel good. He’s not a fluke. His success and the success of the entrepreneurs featured in sections called “Notes From The Field” prove that if they can do it, so can we.

Rich 20Something: It’s SO Relatable

The thing I related to the most in DiPiazza’s book was that breaking point he had. It was the moment where he decided that he was meant for more than an under-the-minimum wage restaurant job he hated. Right there in the introduction, I had that, “Holy crap, this is me.” moment. That’s what really urged me to turn the page.

Now, I am fortunate to not work in the restaurant industry (I don’t have the fortitude or the customer service background—I give so, so many kudos to those who do), but I do relate on the matter of not wanting to be a slave to someone else’s schedule.

And the other thing I relate to is that I don’t want to have to be somewhere that I have to manufacture “busywork” in the name of looking “productive”. More on that in a minute.

With the advent of the Internet, it’s possible to move beyond job opportunities coined as traditional. Or safe. Or anything we’re told in high school. You know, “Get good grades, go to a good college, get a degree and get a nice, safe job to work in for the rest of your life.”

When it comes to earning a living, you can do literally anything you want. Come up with an idea? Then you can and should work to bring that idea to life.

Rich 20Something: Don’t Talk To Me About Paying Your Dues

People my age have always been told they have to pay their dues. We’re told, “Take the shitty job with the low pay, everyone starts at the bottom.” We’re told, “Your boss is an ass? Well, that’s just part of how business works.” We’re told, “Climb the ladder, it’ll be better when you’re at the top.”

Not only that, but Millennials are constantly derided for taking shortcuts. For doing things that aren’t the norm. For buying avocado toast rather than buying a house.

Here’s the thing: you MUST ignore those people.

If there’s one thing that you do, it’s tune them out.

Maybe that worked for them back when you could making a living doing unskilled labor with a high school education, way back when you could support a family of four on the average median salary for people in their 20s (that was the 1970s, and it should come to no surprise that the median salary for a Millennial has stayed the same since then).

So when you’re told that you have to pay your dues, ignore those people and keep hustling. Find an alternative and go off the beaten path. You want to pay your dues? Then pay them by being the badass entrepreneur you are, rather than a slave to someone else’s time clock.

Rich 20Something: Time For Some Hard Truths

If you’re working a 9-5 job right now, you are making what someone else estimates your value is.

And spoiler alert: you are being DRASTICALLY underpaid.

No matter what. No business can afford to pay you what you’re worth, or they’ll never be profitable. And businesses are truly about making the business owners rich, not its employees.

Sounds harsh, but someone’s got to be that truth slinger.

After all, how else do you think the average salary of someone aged 16-34 in 2015 was only $35,592. Yeah, I’m really kind of stuck on that.

And you should be too.

Rich 20Something: More About Busywork

These days, so many people feel like the only way to be productive is to be busy all the time.

That is a lie.

I know that there are days where I sit through mindless nonsense at work and come out of it knowing I have not accomplished a thing. And I have those days with my side hustle too. There are days where it’s difficult to focus and really get to the core of what to do that is best.

How do you avoid being “busy”?

Make a list of all the things you think you have to do for your side hustle. Prioritize it from most to least important. Then cut it in half (at least). Really focus on those things that will make your side hustle the most money. Everything else will work itself out.

And the other key? Focus on ONE thing at a time. It’s something I struggle with too, but trying to do everything at once will not lead you to success. I’ve always said I’ve been a champion multitasker, but for side hustling, you really need to schedule it out and take things one at a time.

Take one of those tasks from your to-do list and focus on that task until it’s done. Then move on to the next. You’ll notice that you’re getting more done, in less time.

Rich 20Something: The Importance of Networking

As I mentioned earlier, there are sections in this book called “Notes From The Field”. These sections are introduced by DiPiazza and written contributions from other entrepreneurs, in their own words. Their stories relate to the overall topic of each chapter, and are the stories of other entrepreneurs and how they make their first steps to success.

How did DiPiazza get these stories? Well, he knows all of these entrepreneurs. He even worked with some of them. The rest?

He networked.

Networking and side hustling go hand in hand. It’s SO important to network, with people in your niche, and even outside of it.

Side hustling, like having a blog, is something you can’t do alone. You HAVE to network. Get to know people in your niche. They’ll become your friends, your mastermind, your webinar partners, your bonuses for your online courses, and so much more. Make friends. Get to know people. LEARN from other people.

Having a successful side hustle is more than just turning your readers into fans and potential customers, it’s about getting to know other people at your level and beyond (especially beyond). You have no idea what kind of audience you can leverage until you’re working with someone who has an audience larger than yours.

Rich 20Something: Required Chapters

Chapter 2: The Game Has Changed—and You Can Make Your Own Rules is one of my favorite chapters in this entire book. As you can tell from the other books I’ve included in Required Reading, not only are they business-based, but they’re also about changing your mindset around money and income earning.

It’s SO important to reframe your mindset, and realize that it’s not impossible to take something in your zone of genius and make a living of it. Your mindset is and always will be key. The second you decide you are going to be successful, then successful you’ll be. When it happens doesn’t matter. Just decide you’re going into everything you do with your side hustle as if it’s successful. The universe will work out the rest.

Another required chapter is Chapter 3: Money Is Easy. Something we are told over and over and over is that making money is difficult. That you have to work and scrape and battle for every single cent. That it’s all about hard work. That is a lie. Money is easy, as long as you have your systems in place. And easy money means establishing an income stream where you can earn money in your sleep (that’s in Chapter 8, consider that required too).

Also, pay close attention to the “Notes From The Field”. The biggest bonus to this book is that we’re not learning from DiPiazza, we’re learning from all these other successful entrepreneurs too. Take advantage!

Rich 20Something: The Next Steps

What’s next? Buy the book, of course. You can buy Rich 20Something by clicking this link (to Amazon).

Have you read Rich 20Something? If you have, leave a comment with your favorite part. If you haven’t, comment and let me convince you it’s worth it!

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What other books have you read that have expanded your mindset about business? Let me know your favorites in the comments!

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