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4 Fundamentals Of A Profitable Low-Ticket Offer For Your Business

When you’re building a business, you’re going to hear the word “diversify” a lot.

Diversification is key in all areas of business—even when you’re just starting out or growing—from your email list growth to your social media strategy.

And one critical thing about your online business you need to diversify is your product suite.

Sure, high-ticket offerings like coaching packages and signature courses means more money in your pocket per sale, but if you’re looking for something easily to sell, every single day, it’s important to have a low-ticket offering or two to keep in your back pocket.

Or the bottom of your email signature.

Wherever you want to sell.

Fundamentals of a Profitable Low-Ticket Offer: It’s Quick(er) To Create

When you think about an offering like an online course—which are really easy to turn into low-ticket offers—many high-level signature courses can take months, if not longer, to go from idea to final product.

That’s not what we’re looking for in a low-ticket offer.

A low-ticket offer is something that you can create in a few days, to maybe even a couple weeks, but not much longer than that.

It can be a workbook, a short video series, some graphics templates, a paid masterclass, an ebook, or some kind of how-to guide.

Don’t overthink it, and remember, you don’t have to go deep.

This is not your magnum opus. Rather, what this is, is one thing that your audience needs to know. A quick win.

A quick win for you, and a quick win for the people learning from you.

Fundamentals of a Profitable Low-Ticket Offer: It’s Won’t Take Long To Complete

Along with this offer not taking long to create, it’s important that this offer does not take long to complete and implement.

It can take as quickly as a day, and as long as a week or two.

Because this offer is low-ticket, it’s something that gives on, maybe two quick wins that your audience can easily implement into their business. It’s teaching the basics, and not only that, but it gets them excited about learning more about what you know.

That’s what keeps your audience coming back to you, and takes them from a one-time purchaser of a low-ticket product to someone who wants to invest in your higher-ticket offerings.

I will never forget about one low-ticket course that I purchased back in 2018. It was a course on content creation—you know, my bread and butter—and the best part about it was that this course was super quick to complete. It took me an hour, and took even less time to implement.

That is the type of offer you’re looking to create when putting together something low-ticket.

It’s also important to remember that this is not an offer that is intended to take up your time—not once you’re done creating it. This is not an offer that includes your time.

To be blunt, someone who buys a $17, $47, or $97 DIY digital product like this kind of low-ticket offering is not entitled to your time. Your time is very valuable, and if someone wants more of you than maybe the odd question or two, that’s when you direct them to either some of your higher level offerings, or your 1-1 coaching offering.

Fundamentals of a Profitable Low-Ticket Offer: It’s A High Value Lesson

Remember, low-ticket does not mean low value.

You can price your offerings whatever the heck you want—hell, you can sell your magnum opus of a signature course for $17, though I wouldn’t recommend it at all—but it doesn’t mean that the people purchasing your low-ticket offerings are throwing their money down the drain.

In fact, it’s the opposite.

Having a low-ticket offer means you’re able to give your audience an absolute no-brainer opportunity to learn, learn quickly, and make a quick win in however they’re looking to transform.

It means an easy way to invest in both themselves and you.

When considering what to choose as your high-value lesson, start with your high ticket offerings.

Break it down into its fundamentals. How can you take those fundamentals and teach them in a way that can be packaged into a low-ticket offer?

Get creative, see what you can distill down into a quick win or two.

Fundamentals of a Profitable Low-Ticket Offer: A Lower Price

It should go without saying that a low-ticket offer is exactly that.

An offer that does not cost as much as your premium products and services.

Now, low-ticket can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, but I personally think of a low-ticket offer as something under-$100. At the same time, another online business owner can think of a low-ticket offer as something under-$500.

For the purposes of this content, a low-ticket offer that is under-$100 means an offering that is an absolute no-brainer for your audience.

It’s that easy yes that makes it easy for you to turn a member of your audience into someone who actually purchases your product.

And once someone buys from you, they’re going to be more likely to buy from you again, and then make the evolution from product purchaser to raving forever fan.

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