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5 Benefits To Multi-Day Blog Post Challenges

This post is Part 1 of my 12 Days of Consistent Content Content Challenge for 2019. Click here to check out Part 2: 3 Easy Ways To Monetize Every Single Blog Post

Have you ever challenged yourself to publish a new blog post once a day for 10, 20, 30 days?

A lot of people choose to go with 30-days, because that’s a full month, but it doesn’t have to be a full month. You can create a consistent content challenge any length that you choose, though 30-days is the most popular considering events like Blogtober (publishing a new post every day of October) and Blogmass (publishing a new blog post every day of December).

But if you want to dip your toes into a 10-day challenge, or a 12-day Challenge, whatever you want, allow the challenge to work for you (more on that down below, keep reading!)

No matter the length, it’s no easy feat, but there are a ton of benefits to committing to diving into a multi-day posting challenge.

When you’re churning out content at that rate, above all else, you’re shouting out to your audience, “Hey, I’m here with a ton of value for you!”

Not only that, but your value will continue to give you epic returns, days and weeks and months and even years after you’ve finished your challenge.

Multi-Day Posting Challenges: You’re Consistent

Above all else, at the core of a multi-day posting challenge, the benefit is that you get to kickstart your consistency.

Have you been throwing up blog posts on random whims every few weeks or months?

That’s not going to get your audience used to you, familiar with you, and trusting of you, but with a multi-day posting challenge, you can nurture that know, like, and trust factor with an audience, engaged or not, but putting out consistent, high-value content in a compressed timeline.

But what is key is to make sure that you also have a plan to STAY consistent after you’ve finished your challenge.

If you’re going to publish, say, 30 blog posts in 30 days, then you need to have something when you’re done. You can’t just go dark for two months afterward.

Multi-Day Posting Challenges: You’re Getting Yourself Organized

If you feel disorganized within our business and your content plan, then a multi-day posting challenge is probably for you.

Like above, if you’ve just been publishing blog posts at a whim, whenever you feel you want to, then you’re probably not publishing with any kind of focus to your content.

And that’s a problem.

You need to get organized, and know what you’re going to talk about from week to week.

Once you have that content plan, you can use that plan for a content calendar that is as consistent as you want it to be. Brainstorm your content and determine what you’re going to publish during your challenge, but then make sure you have content brainstormed for after, once you go back to posting once a week, or once every other week.

Let the organization that you gain from preparing for your posting challenge to help you stay consistent going forward.

Multi-Day Posting Challenges: You’re Posting High-Value Content

This is the critical factor to a successful multi-day challenge.

The content you put out must be of high value.

It’s not enough to just put out 10, 15, 20, 30 blog posts, just to say you’re putting out 10, 15, 20, or 30 blog posts.

The posts must be organized, the posts must be around a similar general theme, and they must be long enough to get people interested.

Think about it in terms of SEO. Those rules still apply, especially when you’re publishing on a daily basis.

You need to have your headline, your structure, and especially your call to action in every single piece of content that you publish during this challenge. Not only that, but when you are drafting your content, it’s important to give yourself at least a ball-park of a word count, just to ensure that your posts are consistent.

You’re not going to be publishing 30, 3,000 word blog posts, but making sure that you get your word count above 1,000 words (though, for SEO purposes, 1,200 is probably your best bet), then you’re allowing yourself to publish content that actually gives your audience action steps that they can take, along with educating themselves on the topic you’re writing about.

Multi-Day Posting Challenges: You’re Showing Up Every Single Day

The best way to grow your business is to show up, every single day.

And a multi-day posting challenge will help you do that.

Because it’s not enough to just publish 30 blog posts in 30 days.

Yeah, you’ll eventually get people to notice you and what you’re doing, but you need to take it a step forward and put yourself out there.

You need to teach the content to your audience as well.

That can be a lot of things. It can be emailing your list and letting them know that you published something new (though, maybe not an email every day for 30 days). You can also use the topic of the blog post you publish in live video, put the link in your Instagram profile and throw up some stories guiding people to the link in your bio, or even condense your blog content into a post caption.

And don’t forget to include the calls to action. Use those in your communities, be them on Facebook or Instagram or wherever else your audience is. Use those CTAs as ways to engage with your audience, get to know them better, know what they want, what they need, and how you can help them grow.

Multi-Day Posting Challenges: You’re Establishing Yourself As An Expert

Putting out content consistently establishes yourself as an expert to your community.

Because when you publish consistently, you’re showing your audience that you have a lot to talk about, and there’s more of it where that came from.

Your value and the value that you provide to your audience is endless. When you put out content as part of a multi-day challenge, you’re telling your audience that you have chosen some of the most important pieces of information to share consistently, and that these are all topics that you get to dive into further when you are done with your challenge.

Remember to put out your content to wherever your audience is, so they know who you are, what you’re about, and how you are here to answer any questions that they have,

Multi-Day Posting Challenges: How To Make The Most Of A Challenge

Once you decide you’re going to go ahead with a 30-day posting challenge, there is one critical factor you must have in order to be successful:

Give yourself time.

You need to have a plan in place, and yes, that may mean taking a couple weeks to get all your ducks in a row so you aren’t scrambling every single night before you’re due to publish your next post.

The last thing you need is to be stressing yourself each day for 30 days to get your content drafted and ready to publish, so don’t. Give yourself the time you need. If you need more than two weeks, give yourself more than two weeks.

Start with an epic brainstorming session to get out all the content you want to publish in a month, determine when you want to publish each post, and then get to writing.

And give yourself a deadline. Pick a day to decide that that’s when you’re going to be done drafting content, so all you have to worry about is getting it all published.

If you need to miss a day, then miss a day. Give yourself the grace to do as much as you can without burning yourself out.

Put together a plan of which topics you want to talk about, and if you run dry, ask your audience too. Allowing your audience the opportunity to provide input will make them even more excited to participate with you and look forward to what you’re going to put out each day.

Most of all, remember to have fun with it!

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