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How I Earned $123.30 In May 2019

We broke $100 for the month you guys!

I’m so excited to see this continued growth from income report to income report (scroll on down to the last section for all my income reports). To see where I started is fantastic, because it also shows me that the sky is the limit for where I will be able to grow this.

And now, here’s the breakdown of how I was able to break $100 in May 2019.

May 2019 Income Report: How I Earned My $123.30

Digital Products:
Content Explosion Accelerator Workbook: $120.00 – I continued to make sales through most of May, through my offering of the Content Explosion Accelerator Workbook, which is the companion to my free, 5-day email course, Content Explosion. The accelerator takes everything that I offer in Content Explosion, wraps it up in an all-in-one workbook, that also goes 10 levels deeper in the focus on niching down and identifying your ideal client.

Knowing your niche, making that niche as tight as possible (no, you’re not going to exclude people by doing that), and knowing exactly what your idea client wants is critical to the success of your online business. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Affiliate Marketing:
Amazon Affiliate: $1.19 – Made a couple sales early in May, and I’m pretty sure this month was one of my Amazon Affiliates highs. As I’ve mentioned in previous income reports, Amazon Affiliates is probably not going to make you rich, unless you have a LOT of traffic, or are focusing on a very specific niche (AND have a lot of traffic). Traffic is the name of the game in affiliate marketing, so you have to remember that if you feel frustrated with the amount of income you’re bringing in through affiliate marketing.

Also, be sure to remember to focus on high-commission affiliate programs, creating high-quality posts related to them, and then making sure to promote those posts regularly through places like Pinterest.

Google Adsense: $2.11 – This month also featured a high in Adsense earnings. As I’ve discussed before, running ads on your website isn’t going to make you rich, unless you have a lot of engaged traffic. Very often, I’ll see people with a lot of traffic wondering why their ads commissions aren’t higher, but you have to also remember that it depends on how many ads actually get seen. If someone just visits your home page or your about page, and leaves before the ad can register an impression, there isn’t going to be an impression counted.

May 2019 Income Report: Digital Products Are Still The Name Of The Game

Once again, May has made it clear that digital products are the name of the game when it comes to not just making money online, but bringing in passive income online.

But it’s also very important to keep in mind that the only way to bring in income is to insure that you are driving regular traffic to whatever sales page you have.

If you’re not focusing your traffic on those sales pages, then no one is going to purchase from you. People need to be guided, to be led to the things that they want. So, when you’re promoting your content, you want to make sure that it’s either leading to your sales pages in some way, or that you’re promoting your sales pages directly.

May 2019 Income Report: Pivoting My Focus For June (Just A Bit)

At the end of May, I traveled to New York City to attend my first in-person, collaborative workshop (more on that below).

One of the things that I realized, thanks to the assistance of the people that I attended the workshop with, is that I don’t need to focus my business just on women who are at the beginning stage of their business. Opening the scope of my focus to just women who are creating online businesses will allow me to grow faster, and be able to help more people within my niche.

Now, this isn’t opening up my niche—I still think it’s extremely important to narrow your niche as much as possible (which I talk about in this post), but it’s about me knowing that I don’t have to stop myself from reaching out to people who already have businesses to convert them into my clients.

I’m still here for the young woman who is building her online business, but I am also here for the woman who already has one, and is refining her product, growing and scaling it.

That said, my primary June goal is going to be focusing on adjusting my messaging so I make sure that everyone who needs the specific type of assistance that I provide is aware of it.

Remember: your clients and your audience can’t find you if your messaging says one thing, but your ideal client is another.

May 2019 Income Report: Going To In-Person Events

A non-monetary milestone in May was that I went to my first-ever in-person event, hosted by my mentor, Leah Gervais of Urban20Something. Her creative business workshop was an amazing opportunity for me to not just meet with other online business owners, but I got to do it in New York City, which is one of my favorite places on the planet.

I also got to spend a ton of time with my cousin’s dog, but that’s completely unrelated to business.

If you ever have the opportunity to travel to another city and meet up with people that you interact with primarily online, I highly, highly recommend making that a priority. There’s just something completely different about interacting and collaborating with people when they’re right there in the same room as you, rather than connecting on a computer screen.

I talk more about the importance of in-person events in Episode 84 of 10 Minutes Before Dinner.

May 2019 Income Report: What I Posted In May

I had a lot of fun with my blog posts in May!

On my birthday, I decided to publish a bonus post, where I surveyed a bunch of different online business owners about what their favorite business birthday gift is. I didn’t expect to get 16 responses, but that collaboration is one of my favorite parts of this business.

Remember to collaborate. Put yourself out there not just in front of your audience, but also with the people who are doing what you’re doing too. Get to know them, support one another. You’ll be surprised at not just how quickly you’re going to grow, but also how much fun it is.

I also published a pair of email list-related posts, which were actually requested by my audience. One of the most important parts of my business is ensuring that I am catering to my audience, providing the information that they want and need.

So if there’s anything you want to see from me, leave a comment at the end of this post, or send me an email at Kathryn[at]

The May Posts Include

April 2019 Income Report
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5 Reasons You Must Nurture Your Email List
12+ Emails To Send In Your Nurture Sequence

May 2019 Income Report: Highlights From 10 Minutes Before Dinner

If you haven’t already heard, I hop on live every weeknight on both Facebook and Instagram, where I talk about a randomly-decided topic related to business and the entrepreneur mindset.

And May 2019 was such a fun month for 10 Minutes Before Dinner.

Highlights from the month include:
Episode 61: How To Find Your People
Episode 62: How To Find Your Voice
Episode 67: How To React When Someone Unsubscribes From Your Email List
Episode 72: Why A Woe-Is-Me Attitude Will Never Get You Anywhere In Your Business
Episode 73: Why You Need To Diversify Your Traffic Streams
Episode 76: Why The Most Successful Side Hustlers & Entrepreneurs Have Coaches
Episode 81: (Mastermind Edition!): Why You Need To Go To An In-Person Event

May 2019 Income Report: Where Quest for $47 Was Featured In May

Other than the fact that May featured my birthday, one of my favorite things about the month of May was that I was featured in my first-ever podcast interview.

You can check out my interview with Deanna Frances of Lean Into Curiosity here

I was also featured in a pair of roundups:
I Am Dawn-Marie – Mistakes Amateur Bloggers Make – 34 Bloggers Share Their Views
Databox Blog – Email Subject Line Examples: 42 Marketers Share Their Very Best

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