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Your Online Business Needs LeadPages

Are you not a tech expert but want to create amazing, converting landing pages that will allow you to showcase your expertise, grow your list, and bring in income?

No problem.

That’s what LeadPages is for.

Why Online Businesses Need LeadPages: What Is LeadPages?

LeadPages is one of the most critical pieces of software to invest in when you are building your online business.

That’s a bold statement, I know, but I have seen far and away that online businesses that use LeadPages have not only grown faster, but have established themselves as an expert in their niche much easier than trying to do it on your own.

At its core, LeadPages is a landing page builder with highly advanced lead software that does not require coding knowledge.

So if you’re not that into tech, it’s perfect for you.

With LeadPages, not only can you create landing pages, but also fully-functional website, pop-ups, alert bars, and even ads to lead your audience to your opt-in and your email list. You can engage with your audience, sell your products and services, and most importantly, grow your base with high-quality leads eager for the content that only you can provide.

Get started with a 14-day free trail of LeadPages.

Why Online Businesses Need LeadPages: What LeadPages Offers

While LeadPages is probably best known for its landing pages, the software offers much, much more.

Need a full website? LeadPages just launched LeadPage Sites, which features all-in-one, conversion-optimized templates with built-in SEO. This is perfect, especially if you want to create a temporary website to lead your audience to, for something like a product launch or challenge.

Love them or hate them, pop-ups are a great way to get people to sign up for your opt-in or join your email list as soon as they reach your website. Popups (also called LeadBoxes) are easy to customize and install on your website, and once your audience lands on your website, you can control how often they see the pop-up, how long, and if it’s an entrance or exit-intent popup.

Really not a fan of having pop-ups on your website? Well, LeadPages offers a fantastic alternative in Alert Bars (also known in some corners of the internet as Hello Bars). They sit at the top of your website, and offer easy-access to your opt-in without taking up your entire screen.

Want to drive traffic to your LeadPages? Facebook Ads will do the trick, and LeadPages posts a 2-5x better performance than just by using Facebook Ad Manager to run your ads. The builder is simple (and I won’t deny that running Facebook ads through the Ads Manager is not the easiest), and LeadPages also walks you through the critical steps of placing your tracking pixels in your landing pages.

Why Online Businesses Need LeadPages: Its Templates Are Incredibly Customizable

Drag and drop is your friend.

Want to put an image in a certain part of the LeadPage? Done!

Want to move some text around? Easy!

Need to add a countdown timer that instantly redirects to a new page once time runs out? Setup is a snap.

One of the great benefits of LeadPages is that you never have to start from scratch.

Every time you click the “Create New Landing” button, you get prompted with this:

13 Reasons LeadPages Is An Online Business Must-Have on Quest For $47 Page Builder

And once you click one of those options, it prompts you further, so you can narrow down to exactly what kind of landing page you want to create, including: a bio, a checkout, a squeeze page, a page to opt-into your freebie, a giveaway or coupon offer, a webinar registration page, a thank-you page, a funnel toward a checkout page, and more.

Why Online Businesses Need LeadPages: There Are No Limits

LeadPages does not limit you.

At all.

No matter how much traffic you have coming to your landing pages, how many people opt-in, or how many different pages or popup boxes you want to create.

Many platforms have tiered access, where you can create only so many templates or pages or options for opt-ins, but with LeadPages, there are no limits at all.

That allows you to do what you want, when you want. You can test all different landing page options to see what works best for you and your business without restraint or risking that you’re ‘running out of room’.

And since LeadPages hosts all your content itself in your subscription, you don’t have to worry about page load speed or functionality, since they have it handled.

Why Online Businesses Need LeadPages: The Customer Service Is Amazing

Need to make a change to your account?

Easy peasy.

Want to change your url?

Just as easy.

When I created Quest for $47, I had my LeadPages account for my other website, and since I didn’t want to add another sub-domain, or create a new LeadPages account, I did a little bit of searching on LeadPages’ FAQs, and realized that all it takes is a couple quick emails and LeadPages will take care of changing your sub-domain for you.

In fact, it took me more time to get off my backside and actually make the request to make the change than it did to actually have the change go through.

Why Online Businesses Need LeadPages: ALL LeadPages Are Optimized For Mobile

With so many people accessing the internet from their phones, it’s critical that your landing pages be optimized for not just the web, but also for mobile. If a landing page looks great online, but doesn’t look good or isn’t easy to navigate on mobile, your conversions will take a hit.

Every single landing page offered by LeadPages is optimized for mobile. You don’t have to do ANYTHING.

It’s already done for you.


Why Online Businesses Need LeadPages: It’s Has Every Integration You Can Imagine

When it comes to investing in software for your business, you want to make sure that it integrates with the other software you’re already using, and especially with your email list.

And LeadPages allows you to connect your account to everything you already use, from your email service provider to your preferred payment processor to your business’ social media accounts.

If you have something you want to connect to LeadPages, they probably have the integration already set up.

And that means that you won’t have to import manually anyone who signs on to your opt-in through LeadPages, because it’s already handled.

You’ll get the notification that somebody’s signed up, and you can check your email service provider and see that not only are they already there, but they’re already connected to the email sequence that matches with whatever opt-in they signed on for.

Why Online Businesses Need LeadPages: It’s Great For Branding

Your branding is important, so go ahead and use your colors.

The best part about LeadPages (other than all of it, really) is that you can go into your own settings and save all of your brand’s colors, so you don’t have to go scrambling for that document you keep handy with your branding hex codes.

Yeah, I have one of those too.

When you save your brand colors in LeadPages, every time you want to change a color, be it for text, a background, a border around an image, or anything, you will see not just the recently used colors available for easy picking, but also every single brand color you saved will show up every time.

No more scrambling—it’s a huge time-saver.

Why Online Businesses Need LeadPages: It’s SO Professional

Sure, you can build your own landing page on your own website, but unless you’re a web expert and have a ton of coding experience, will it look professional?

Probably not.

Sorry for the hard truth.

With LeadPages, you are pretty much guaranteed that whatever template you choose, it’s going to look professional. In fact, I would say that about 80% of the online business owners I encounter use LeadPages, and hosting their content there is part of the reason why I sign up.

It shows your audience, especially your cold leads, that you know what you are talking about, that you are the expert that they are looking for.

And that’s what this is all about. Showing your new audience that you are the go-to person that they need in their lives in order to make it easier.

Why Online Businesses Need LeadPages: It Converts Amazingly Well

In fact, the very first opt-in I ever created, back in 2017 for my first website, ended up converting at 47%. That’s high. Really high.

For comparison, a standard “good” conversion rate is in the range of 10%.

13 Reasons LeadPages Is An Online Business Must-Have on Quest For $47 TFR Conversion

And my current opt-ins for Quest for $47 are converting in the 45-62% range.

The reason why goes right back to how professional it is. When you come off as a professional, your audience knows immediately that you are trustworthy and you know what you’re talking about. And having a landing page that converts higher than the industry average means you are putting yourself in a position to get ahead of the rest of the people in your niche, and grow your audience even faster.

Why Online Businesses Need LeadPages: It Guides You Through The Anatomy Of A Good Landing Page

One of the newest updates that LeadPages provides is this handy little indicator called a Leadmeter.

The Leadmeter lives at the top of the page in your editor for many (but not all) of the templates. It that tells you, in LeadPages’ own experience, how well the page is likely to convert.

As you work on your page, it gives you suggestions on how to improve your landing page and how to implement the best landing page marketing strategies.

This is great, especially when you’re just starting out. It takes all the mystery out of what makes a great landing page, and sets you up for success, all that much quicker.

A Couple Drawbacks: It’s Not Easy To Determine Where Your Traffic Is Coming From (But There Is A Way Around It)

One of the things I do struggle with is that LeadPages’ analytics leave a little something to be desired. They call it simplified, and it’s true, it is definitely simple.

The analytics don’t show WHERE the leads are coming from, which is important when you are trying to consider things like where to put your marketing efforts and where your pages are performing best. A LeadPage that performs well on Pinterest may not perform as well on Instagram, and that’s important.

So, what can you do?

Have platform-specific LeadPages.

All it takes is a click of a button to duplicate a landing page. You don’t have to mess with a thing internally, because all your settings will copy over. Just save one with a tag like, “For Pinterest” or “For Instagram Bio” or “For Facebook Page” and you’re good to go.

Why Online Businesses Need LeadPages:  Yes, It Is An Investment, But It’s SO Worth It

I’m not going to lie, LeadPages is an investment—the Standard tier, which is the lowest cost, runs at $25/month, billed annually, which totals to $300/year.

But it’s going to be one of the best investments you make in your business.


Like I mentioned earlier in this post, I have used LeadPages for more than two years now, and it’s helped me grow my platforms by the hundreds and thousands, without having to put a lot of stress on me. I don’t have time for that. All I want is for my audience to have easy access to my opt-ins, and that’s what LeadPages allows me to do.

Remember, you should be spending 80 percent of your time with your business on promotion, and 20 percent of your time on the actual content creation. Doing so the other way around means it’s going to take all that much longer for you to gain traction with your business.

Investing in your business, even before your business is profitable, is critical. I talk about that in depth in Episode 85 of 10 Minutes Before Dinner: Why If You Wait Until You’re Profitable To Invest, You Are Setting Yourself Back Years.

Why Online Businesses Need LeadPages: Get Started With LeadPages Today

With the two-week free trial of LeadPages, you get access to everything LeadPages has to offer, from landing page creation (including all the amazing, easy to customize templates) to pop-up boxes and more.

LeadPages has three tiers, Standard, Pro, and Advanced, which are billed annually at $25/month, $48/month, and $199/month, respectively.

In the case of full disclosure, I have been on the Standard tier since I started with LeadPages and I am very happy with that level. The Standard tier is recommended for businesses that are just starting out, while the Pro tier is recommended for growing businesses, and the Advanced tier is good for established marketing agencies.

At the Standard tier, you get access to Site Builder, which is one of LeadPages’ newest features. You can connect your domain, create unlimited landing pages, unlimited pop ups and alert bars, unlimited traffic and leads, free hosting, access to all of LeadPages’ templates and integrations, and access to its Facebook & Instagram Ad builder, which will really allow you to maximize the reach of your landing pages, and do it quickly.

Not only that, but LeadPages offers free, weekly group coaching with your subscription.

Get started with your two-week trial with LeadPages today.

Ready To Start Your Own Online Business?

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