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How I Earned $73.12 In Passive Income In July 2019

Welcome back to my monthly passive income reports!

Just like June, my focus in July was less on passive income sales, but more on the things that will lead me TO more passive income sales in the future.

That’s not to say that I didn’t make passive sales in the month of July, as I clearly did, or we wouldn’t have this income report. Was it nice to see an increase in passive income compared to June? Yes. Was it my focus? No.

At the same time, a bulk of those sales were made while I was on two separate vacations, which makes it pretty freaking cool. The other was made while I was on a conference call.

More on that below.

July 2019 Income Report: How I Earned $73.12 In Passive Income In July 2019

Digital Products:

Content Explosion Accelerator – $72.00: As you can clearly tell, I made the bulk of my July earnings through the sale of the Content Explosion Accelerator workbook, which is the companion to my free, 5-day Content Explosion email course. The Accelerator takes the content in the course and packages it all together so you get access to all the information at once, along with a guided deep dive into determining your niche and identifying your ideal client.

I’ve said a lot over the last few months how beneficial it is to have a digital product of your own, because you bring in more profit, compared to affiliate marketing or ads. Not only that, but when it’s your digital product, you get the money from it immediately, rather than waiting out whatever payout period you have in other methods.

Click here to join Content Explosion and get a special discount on the Content Explosion Accelerator.


Google Adsense: $1.12: Made a little bit in ads last month, which is partially from the traffic I have on this website, and also from the traffic I get on, my old wiring prompts website. As always, ads are just something I have set and forgotten, and are not high on my priority list at the moment.

Whether I continue with ads in the future is something I continue to debate, but right now it’s nowhere near a priority to deal with.

July 2019 Income Report: Earning While On Vacation

The ultimate goal for online business is to bring in income while not sitting in front of a computer.

You know, passive income.

Active income, where you trade your time for dollars, is great, but is still finite. When it comes to passive income, you can earn all you want, it’s just a matter of scaling your traffic, refining your sales strategy, and creating offers that are exactly what your audience wants.

When you’re building a business, like I said at the beginning, you go back and forth on prioritizing generating active income (through client work, freelancing, whatever it is that brings you money after you dedicate a certain number of hours), and the strategies that will help you bring in even more passive income in the future.

In July, two of my sales were made while I was on vacation—so basically, the ultimate in passive income. The first sale of the Content Explosion Accelerator was made while I was in Boston. I was literally walking back to my hotel when I got the notification that the sale went through.

The other sale was during my post-camp coma when I got home from California (still a part that I consider to be vacation). I woke up from a long, much-needed afternoon nap with the notification that I made another sale.

When you have created a product and know that it sells, then you get to work on ways to drive traffic to that product so it basically sells itself.

July 2019 Income Report: Launching Content That Converts

One of the non-passive income earning activities I did in July was launching my free Facebook community, Content That Converts. And while this is no currently something that generates my business passive income, creating the community and focusing on growing it WILL generate my business passive income in the future.

Launching Content That Converts in July meant setting the groundwork for an engaged community of online business owners, something that will allow me to reach more people and help them grow their online businesses so they can live their lives on their terms.

Click here to join Content That Converts, so you can grow your business, stay accountable, and network and collaborate with other passionate, driven online business owners.

July 2019 Income Report: Ambitious August Plans

I am so excited to implement some very ambitious plans for my business this August, with a focus on email list growth and the one opt-in you need to grow your business.

So often, I see so much talked about how online business owners—bloggers especially—should create a new opt-in for every single blog posts.

That sounds way too overwhelming.

As I have a business that includes a blog as one of its central components, I know just how much time it takes to blog on a weekly basis (or more often), and I couldn’t imagine trying to create opt-in after opt-in after opt-in too.

Honestly, it’s hard to keep track of every single opt-in you create, therefore making a waste of your valuable time, and you should focus on what REALLY matters.

Create one, amazing opt-in, determine if it converts by doing research and finding out what your audience wants and promoting the living daylights out of it.

That’s all you need to do.

There is going to be much more to come on opt-ins and how to make one that grows your business for you, so stay tuned to either Content That Converts, my free Facebook community, or join the You Can Do It Too Newsletter by clicking here.

Honestly, just do both, and I’ll see you there!

July 2019 Income Report: What I Posted In July 2019

Not going to lie, but July 2019 was another great month for blog content. I only published three posts, but they were high quality.

Remember, every single time, it is more about the quality of the content you post, rather than the quantity.

Here’s the rundown of the July posts:

June 2019 Income Report
12 Ways To Get Your Ideal Client To Your Email List
5 Reasons Online Business Owners MUST Release Perfection

July 2019 Income Report: Highlights From 10 Minutes Before Dinner

July was an interesting month for 10 Minutes Before Dinner. Not only did I do a ton of of videos from the road (check out those Massachusetts editions!), but I also…took a break from doing them daily while I was in California at the end of the month.

The original commitment to 10 Minutes Before Dinner was to do them every night of the week, no matter where I am, including that one I did while in the hotel bar while celebrating my mastermind back in May (check out that episode here).

But at the end of July, I decided to take a break. You can check out my reasonings in Episode 118 Why It’s Okay To NOT Work On Vacation, Too.

Highlights from the July lives include:
Episode 102: Let’s Reset Those Online Business Intentions
Episode 106: What To Do When Things Don’t Go The Way You Expect
Episode 110: Why You Should Plan For The Next Week On Friday
Episode 113: How Batching Makes Your Life A Million Times Easier
Episode 115: Things You’re Allowed To Do When Building A Business Around A 9-5 Job

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