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How I Earned $32.02 In February 2019

Income reports are BACK baby!

Now, these are probably my favorite pieces of blog content, right up there with the Required Reading series. It feels like forever since the last one, even though it’s only been a couple months. But a couple months can be a long time, especially in the blogging world.

Either way, this is where I get to pull the curtain back and showcase the realities behind blogging. It’s not easy. It’s the long game.

I am here for the long game, and if you’re ready to start a side hustle, you need to be prepared for that too.

And now that I’m done with the dose of reality, it’s time to celebrate.


Because I’m celebrating another all-time high income report!

As you may remember from the last income report I released, back in November, I had an all-time high in earnings of $24.84, over four different mediums.

This month, I have two, but earned more.

More on that below.

February 2019 Income Report: How I Earned My $32.02

So, where did I earn in February? Through my own workbook sales and Google Adsense. And as you can see, one avenue earned WAY more than the other.

1. Workbook Sales: $31.00 came mostly from the subscriber-only sale of my new Content Explosion Workbook. As the official companion to my free, 5-day Content Explosion email course, it sells on my website for $47, but as a bonus for subscribing to the You Can Do It Too Newsletter, I released it to my subscribers for only $7.

In the 50 pages of the Content Explosion Workbook, I take you through every step of the Content Explosion Email Course, but without the waiting. It also goes in depth on identifying both your niche and your ideal client, and helps you break down your niche into categories for better brainstorming, and then better organization into an editorial calendar that meets your needs. Join the course here.

One of the perks to being on the newsletter is not just getting all the behind-the-scenes access and subscriber-only content, but also because I have done and will continue to give my subscribers first offerings, and at a steep discount. You know you want in on this, so sign up for the You Can Do It Too Newsletter today.

2. Adsense: $1.02 came from Google Adsense. Clearly, it’s not that much, but it has not been a priority for me right now. While I know that I’m not getting much from it, I’m still planning on keeping ads on my website for the foreseeable future. We’ll see how that changes as my traffic goes, but the name of the game will likely be to upgrade to a higher-paying ad platform. We’ll see.

Nothing doing on Swagbucks this month, but you can still get a 300SB signup bonus by clicking my referral link. Want to learn more about getting the most out of your Swagbucks earnings? Click here.

February 2019 Income Report: The Clear Benefits Of Selling Your Own Products

As you can see, I made significantly more last month from selling my own product than I did from ads. And I also made more than from any affiliate sales I have made in previous months.

We all know it, we all see it, and the fact is that there is a significantly higher ROI when you sell your own products. You create a product like the Content Explosion Workbook once, and then you sell it as many times as you want. There is no expiration.

While there are a lot of great ways to make money online, my focus in 2019 is to create my own digital products to help my audience learn how to make money online. What works best for me may not work best for you, so I plan to cover the gamut, but definitely with a priority on digital product sales.

February 2019 Income Report: What I Posted In February

If I do say so myself, February was a GREAT month for my blog content. I am a huge fan of what I have put out there, especially since it covers the all-important topics of email lists and traffic growth.

The February Posts Include

47 Quotes For The Badass Entrepreneur – Part 11: Dale Carnegie
7 Reasons Why Your Email List Is Critical To Side Hustle Success
47 Quotes For The Badass Entrepreneur – Part 12: Harvey Mackay
9 Reasons Why I Switched From Mailchimp to Convertkit
47 Quotes For The Badass Entrepreneur – Part 13: Rachel Hollis
Part One: 7 Ways To Optimize Your Posts To Grow Your Traffic
47 Quotes For The Badass Entrepreneur – Part 14: Tim Fargo
Part Two: 7 Ways To Grow Your Traffic

February 2019 Income Report: (Officially) Introducing 10 Minutes Before Dinner

My number one favorite thing that I launched in February is my live stream series called #10MinutesBeforeDinner. Streamed every weeknight on Facebook and Instagram, 10 Minutes Before Dinner is where I hop on live from my kitchen during the 10 or so minutes it takes for my dinner to cook. During those 10 minutes, I talk about a randomly-chosen topic related to side hustling, motivation, or really anything that comes to mind.

Everyone says that video is key, which is so true. Video, especially live video, is the best way to really get to know who you are. It’s authentic and raw and imperfect and real. Even though it was daunting to get started, it’s now my new favorite thing. I even hop on when I’m sick.

You want to check out some of my favorite 10 Minutes Before Dinner streams here:
Episode 8: Why You’re Still Going To Feel FOMO, Even When You Have A Successful Side Hustle
Episode 10: How To Talk About Your Side Hustle With People Who Don’t Get It
Episode 13: Why You Need To Get Dressed Every Day (Even When You Work From Home)
Episode 17: Why Accountability Is Critical For Side Hustle Success

Have a topic you want me to cover on 10 Minutes Before Dinner? Drop a line in the comments and let me know!

February 2019 Income Report: You Can Do It Too

Something else I did in February was that I completely changed up how I communicate with my email list. Originally, I would just pop in from week to week to let my subscribers know that I have a new post go live. But that’s not fun. It’s value, but not the best value I know I can provide.

I dreamed up the You Can Do It Too Newsletter while In the shower (that’s where I get most of my best new blogging ideas), and is also a section I feature in the newsletter.

You Can Do It Too is where I share not just my favorite side hustle tips and tricks, but also how to best work from home (whether you do it full time or not). I also feature things going on behind the scenes, the things that I struggle with (and how to overcome those struggles), the musical stylings of what I listen to while I newsletter, and the things that I think about in the shower (as related to side hustling).

The You Can Do It Too Newsletter lands in inboxes near you every Thursday morning, and along with 10 Minutes Before Dinner, it’s one of the highlights of my week.

If you want to check out some previous editions of You Can Do It Too, you can do that here:
Volume 1
Volume 3
Volume 5

Coming Up In Required Reading For Entrepreneurs

I took a break from Required Reading in February, but I have a LONG list of books that I am so eager to feature, so be prepared for more of that coming up in the near future. Not sure which book I will feature in March, but I will definitely feature something.

So many books, so little time.

Have a recommendation? I’m always looking to grow my TBR. Hit back in the comments and let me know what I should read next!

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