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Post Your Best Blog Content
(Even When It Feels Like Your Shouting To The Void)

Are you new to this whole side hustle deal and feel like you’re shouting to the void every time you post something to your blog?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

It takes time to build a following. Sometimes it may feel like there’s no point in posting the so-called best of your goods so early on in your blogging career.

In fact, that’s just the opposite.

Don’t hold back on your best content, just because you worry no one is going to read when you have to say right now.

Remember, side hustling is a long game. You’re not always going to see an immediate return, especially not right away. But that’s not a bad thing. There is nothing wrong with building your foundation, especially building a foundation of quality, evergreen content, so when your audience DOES find you, they already have a TON of stuff to learn from you. It will get them truly excited about you and your offerings, and will turn them quickly from a one-off visitor to a passionate member of your audience.

Your Best Blog Content: People LOVE To Binge-Read

Not too long ago, a friend of mine who lives overseas posted a meme in her Instagram story. While I can’t quite remember exactly what the meme was about, I know it was grammar related. We got to talking and I mentioned my favorite grammar-themed story of all time, The Alot Is Better Than You At Everything by Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half. It is hilarious, and everyone should go read it right now if you haven’t already. Any time anyone EVER uses the word, “alot”, this is what I think of.

When I first discovered Hyperbole and a Half, I don’t even know how many years ago, the first thing I did was binge read every single post. I don’t remember how many hours it took me. I read it all, and laughed so hard my stomach hurt for days.

(My all-time favorite story: The God Of Cake. I laughed so hard I cried, and my roommates thought I was dying).

My point, is that I binged Brosh’s entire backlog in a day because every single post I read was amazingly read-worthy (yes, even the ones that are some pretty brutal takes on depression). Brosh didn’t wait to post her best stories, she just posted them as they came to her.

So if you think of an idea for a blog post, don’t think to yourself, “I should totally hold onto this until I get more readers.”

No. Write that post and get it out there. There is no time like the present, and what’s better is that in the future, people will come across your blog and find all this amazing content to binge.

Your Best Blog Content: Pinterest Takes Time

If you’re not already using Pinterest as one of your side hustle’s social media platforms, now is when you should start. It takes time to build a Pinterest following, but that effort has more return than you can imagine. In the world of pay-for-play ads on Facebook and Instagram, and getting lost in the super-speedy Twitter, Pinterest is a platform where you can get people coming to your website without having to pay a dime.

When I publish a new post to the blog, the first thing I do is pin that pin that I have at the bottom of this post (all nice and vertically optimized for Pinterest) to one of my boards. Many of my older posts that I don’t actively pin (like my the first few posts I ever published), I still get traffic because people have found those pins and clicked through.

And I’m talking months ago. According to awesome Pinterest strategist Rachel Ngom, a pin has a lifespan 1600% longer than anything you post on Facebook or Instagram. And in a world where your post can disappear into the ether in the blink of an eye, you want to make sure that you are laying the groundwork for readers new and old to see the blog posts that serve as the foundation to your side hustle.

So, long story short, get to pinning.

Your Best Blog Content: SEO Takes Even Longer

While Pinterest can take some time to get some traction with you older pins, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes even longer.

But on the plus side, you get some serious returns once Google does start picking up on what you’re putting out there. And those returns are that you rank, which means showing up higher and higher in the search results.

To keep it simple, the goal with SEO is to pick a featured, long-tail keyword for your blog post and get your post to rank in that keyword by ensuring that your post is filled with your best content. Many keywords have more competition than others, and there are a ton of amazing tools out there that you can use to determine which keywords have competition in that sweet spot that you can capitalize on and rank in.

Other SEO tips to consider:

  • Your post length. Your posts should be at least 300 words, but I personally recommend you try to aim for the 1,200 – 1,500 word range. For more on the ideal length of a blog post from an SEO standpoint, check out this post.
  • Break it up with sub-headers. As you can see, I have sub-headers breaking up every single blog post I publish. In today’s fast-paced world of super-scrolling, you have to do what you can do make sure your words jump off the page. Sometimes people don’t even read the whole blog post, instead they scroll through the sub-headers and scan whichever ones jump out at them. Breaking up your text also makes it easy to read, which Google also takes into serious account.
  • Images. Our digital world has evolved into something very image-heavy, so it’s always important to have at least one image in your post. This could be an image of an affiliate product you’re showcasing (like what I do in the Required Reading series) or pictures of your travels, the new recipe you tried out, or even just the Pinterest-optimized image you feature for your post.

Your Best Blog Content: You Can Go Back And Make Old Posts Better

Remember, you are not carving your blog posts into a stone tablet. You can go back and update old posts.

In fact, I highly encourage it.

Not only does it benefit you from an SEO standpoint, but going back and updating old posts lets your readers know that, even though this is something you posted three years ago (or however long it’s been), you’re still making sure that it’s relevant. You can take out dated information, replace it with new, whatever fits.

You can also go back and add content whenever you want. In my post about Top Products For Better Posture That Every Blogger Needs, not two days after the post went live did I go back and add in two more products, taking me from six to eight.

Or you can add in links to some of your newer blog posts, so anyone that comes across an old one can see what awesome, more recent posts you have to offer.

Really, the sky’s the limit, and there are no rules to what you can and can’t do when it comes to your posts.

Your Best Blog Content: Ready To Get Started?

Have a lot to talk about, but don’t have the website to guide your readers to? Now is the perfect time to get started.

Now is the perfect time to take my free email course, where I teach you how to plan a year’s worth of blog content in just one day. This training takes away all the mystery behind figuring out what you’re going to write from week to week and helps you plan the ultimate in blogging content that your audience will absolutely love.

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